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New optimized experience launched on LaunchPad's home page

By Sam Page on 15/01/2016 10:00am

7dots is working on an ongoing basis to improve the LaunchPad website with the following key criteria in mind:

  • Ensure the website correctly positions Launchpad as the leading video interviewing, assessment and engagement platform.
  • Improve how the website works on mobile and tablet.
  • Improve the conversion rate and drive lead generation.

Our first task has been to focus on the home page which previously featured three large banners that followed one after the other in a vertical fashion. This was causing users to have to scroll a long way to digest the messages and access further content. It was resulting in a high number of users never understanding what LaunchPad even did before dropping off the website.

As a result, we redesigned the top of the home page to act as a dynamic banner, delivering all three key messages in the space of one. We enticed users to scroll further by revealing a teaser of the content below and introduced clear calls to action (CTA) to drive users deeper into the site / convert into a lead if already interested enough. We also carried out A/B split testing to ensure the most effective copy was used on the CTA buttons.

The header area was also improved to segment the navigation menus for different audience types and provide a search box.

Following implementation, user test scores showed a 157% improvement in the number of people who understood what LaunchPad do after visiting the home page.

Here is the page before:

And after:


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