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Why upgrade to Magento 2?

By Sam Page on 10/07/2017 9:00am

In 2016, Magento released Magento 2, a widely awaited update to Magento 1. At the same time, they also announced that they are likely to stop "official" support for Magento 1 in early 2018, leaving many merchants asking themselves when they should upgrade to Magento 2, and what the benefits are...

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Why you should consider using a dedicated DNS Management Service

By Sam Page on 11/01/2016 2:00pm

The vast majority of SMEs don't use dedicated DNS management services. This article explores the pitfalls of this approach, how a dedicated service can help alleviate these issues, and our suggestions for which services to use.

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Apple Pay launched in the UK

By Sam Page on 14/07/2015 10:00am

After much hype, Apple has finally launched Apple Pay in the UK. Here's how to give it a go...

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