An immersive experience using face tracking technology

7dots were appointed by Gravity Thinking, an award winning London agency, to deliver the digital elements of their phantasmagorical experience for Hendricks.

For users that could not attend events in person, an online experience was created that which invovled user profiling which led the user onto an experience which showed thoughts appearing from a users head (via a webcam stream) as they listend to an audio track.

An experience pack inspired by Google Cardboard was posted to specially selected people which allowed a drinking partner to see the recipients thoughts on screen as the user listened to the audio track.

A temporary site was also launched before the main campaign to generate interest and start capturing the details and profiling those people who could participate in the online experiences. 

Face tracking technology was used to trigger re-active (gesture based) and audio queued animations during the experience.

Key features of the main experience:

  • Face tracking technology to position, scale and orientate animations over a user's head.
  • Position detection to ensure a user was correctly placed and focused on the screen and browser tab. 
  • Auto-pause was used to paused the animation if they were called away mid-experience.
  • Timeline based (audio queued) animations.
  • Gesture based (for example blinking, head tilting and mouth opening) animations.
  • Screenshot captures throughout the experience which were combined to form a timelapse video which users could share socially. 


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