Website build for a market-leading provider of conveyancing solutions.

7dots were appointed by Industry Branding, a leading London based brand consultancy, to deliver a scalable, multi-phase bespoke website build for Searchflow. 

To ensure content could be dynamically fed throughout the site, a tagging taxonomy was created to allow the classification of information. This was a multi-layered tagging system which allowed for group tagging and tagging within a set group. 

The site was built in SilverStripe 3 using a modular appraoch, giving Searchflow full flexibility over their pages while allowing for future growth of their site. 

The website was delivered to a tight deadline to coinside with SearchFlow's  rebrand with additional development phases being deployed following launch.

Key features of the website:

  • Tagging taxonomy to allow content to dynamically populate throughout the site.
  • Highly felxible module based templates. 
  • Highly scalable to support new templates and functionality over time.
  • Simple to use CMS so that the client can be self-sufficient with content management.
  • Configurable step by step process templates to allow complex subjects to be conveyed in a simple manner.
  • HTML5 animated scrolling screen exploring SearchFlow services.


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